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Learning Languages
- VocTrain  (vocabulary German/French/English or German/Spain)
- VerbTrain  (English irregular verbs)
- KonjugationsIgel   (German and French conjugation trainer)
  (German, French, Spanish, Italian and/or Portuguese conjugation tool)
- Conjugation tables  (French, 144 verbs)
CalcTrain  (free math trainer)
small travel vocabulary (pdf)
Unit converters


Unit converters
Sunset calculation
Conjugation tables
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Portuguese
- English
- Dutch
Number plates

About Cactus2000


Here you can download the free evaluation versions of our products. They are fully functional with limited datasets. You can order the full versions here. CalcTrain is entirely free.
All programss require Windows. The JavaScript applications (unit converters and French conjugation tables) will run on every operating system. They just need a browser with JavaScript enabled.

Installation guide for the download of language learning programmes
(KonjugationsHase, KonjugationsIgel, VocTrain, VerbTrain)

For each Cactus2000 application there is an easy to use installer available for download. Choose the installer you need, such as VocTrain.exe for the vocabulary trainer and save the file to your harddisk.

After finishing the download open the executable to start the installation. Choose a folder and hit Install.


The installer will automatically start VocTrain after completion. It will also add an entry for Cactus2000 in the Windows start menu.

Instructions for downloading the JavaScript applications

  • Download the zip archives.
  • Unpack the files to a folder of your choice (e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\Cactus\Converter\')
  • Open the file "00start.htm" in your Browser.

    Due to standard settings of the Internet Explorer, specifically security settings rejecting local JavaScript, we recommend to use the converters with the Firefox browser. Here is a possible download link:

    If you have questions or suggestions please write us an email. We will try to answer as soon as possible.


    Bernd Krüger, 2015