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- VocTrain  (vocabulary German/French/English or German/Spain)
- VerbTrain  (English irregular verbs)
- KonjugationsIgel   (German and French conjugation trainer)
  (German, French, Spanish, Italian and/or Portuguese conjugation tool)
- Conjugation tables  (French, 144 verbs)
CalcTrain  (free math trainer)
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About Cactus2000


conjugation trainer for German and French verbs

KonjugationsHase allows you to look up verb forms, KonjugationsIgel will help to you learn them.
KonjugationsIgel provides these features:

  • More than 8000 German verbs and 7000 French verbs.
  • 14 different tenses for German and 15 for French
  • Many different query modes
  • Many options

  • Download KonjugationIgel Includes 2 verbs for evaluation.(Instructions)
    Datafile including more than 8000 verbs (Price €10).
    20% discount if two products are ordered.

    These German tenses can be played in KonjugationsIgel:

    Indikativ PräsensKonjunktiv I Präsens
    Indikativ PräteritumKonjunktiv II Präteritum
    Indikativ PerfektKonjunktiv I Perfekt
    Indikativ PlusquamperfektKonjunktiv II Plusquamperfekt
    Indikativ Futur IKonjunktiv I Futur I
    Indikativ Futur IIKonjunktiv I Futur II
    PartizipKonjunktiv II Futur I (Konditional I)
    ImperativKonjunktiv II Futur II (Konditional II)

    These French tenses can be choosen in KonjugationsIgel:

    indicatif présentsubjonctif présent
    indicatif imparfaitsubjonctif imparfait
    indicatif passé composésubjonctif passé
    indicatif plus-que-parfaitsubjonctif plus-que-parfait
    indicatif passé simpleconditionnel présent
    indicatif futur simpleconditionnel passéé 1re forme
    indicatif passé antérieurconditionnel passé 2e forme
    indicatif futur antérieurparticipe

    You can also choose which pronouns are used in the game.

    You can download KonjugationsIgel for free. This includes 2 verbs per language for evaluation. If you like the programmme you can order the full dataset including 8000 German verbs or 7000 French verbs at € 10 per language. Requires Windows.

    Download KonjugationsIgel with 2 verbs for evaluation (Instructions)
    Order the full version of the KonjugationsIgel

    KonjugationsHase: tool for the French and German conjugation.

    Bernd Krüger, 2015